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developmental and regenerative sciences
Personalized Training At The Cutting Edge

Developmental & Regenerative Sciences PhD Program at UTSA

Research opportunities in state-of-the-art laboratories pursuing cutting-edge studies in basic, applied, clinical and biotechnology areas of Regenerative Medicine and Developmental Biology.

developmental and regenerative biology

Program Highlights

Areas of Study

The DRS program integrates a wide variety of specialized subtopics related to Regenerative Medicine and Developmental, Molecular, Cell, Reproductive and Neurobiology

What Makes Us Unique

Personalized Training
& Career Development

Students select innovative dissertation research projects aligned with their particular interests to optimally prepare them for careers in academic, industry, clinical or government research settings.

Cutting Edge

State of the art instrumentation in individual labs & research cores facilitates pioneering breakthroughs at the forefront of developmental and regenerative sciences.


A structured, 4-6 year matriculation plan ensures that students progress through the program efficiently and effectively, maximizing educational and research training opportunities.

Students Admitted Per Year
6 - 0
Total Graduates to Date
1 +
Graduation Percentage
1 +
Funded Labs Accepting Students
1 +
What Our Students Are Saying & Where They Are Going

Students previously enrolled in the UTSA Cell & Molecular Biology (CMB) PhD Program which has now given rise to the Developmental & Regenerative Sciences (DRS) PhD Program speak highly of their educational and training experiences. Many have moved on to postdoctoral positions at prestigious institutions such as the Gladstone Institute at UCSF, UCLA, PENN, the National Institutes of Health, and many others, leading to research-related careers in academic, industry, or government settings.