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Career Development

There are many reasons why you may choose to pursue a PhD and even more ways to use the PhD that you will earn from our DRS program. To help you navigate your diverse options, career development education and mentorship are integrated into the DRS PhD program.

Personalized career advising starts in the second year of the DRS program once you have chosen a lab and a dissertation research project:
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Building skills relevant to your career development is integral to the DRS PhD program

Training in research skills and cutting-edge methodologies

The DRS PhD program is research-focused, ensuring you will master cutting-edge research approaches and methodologies facilitated by: 

career development

Training in scientific communication and networking

Effective communication skills are critical to any career path you choose to pursue after earning your PhD. The DRS PhD program proactively develops these skills via multi-tiered components of the program curriculum:

Departmental and Campus Career Development
Resources at UTSA

Career Pathways Seminar Series
Graduate and Postdoctoral Success Center
Mini-Grant Professional Development Program to Explore Non-academic Careers
Micro-credentialing and Workshops
University Career Center
Career Counseling at College of Sciences
Professional Programs at UTSA
DRS Individual Development Plan

National and Global Career Development
Resources beyond UTSA

myIDP from AAA
American Society for Cell Biology
National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

(open to UTSA graduate students and postdocs)

Career Exploration and Development Resources from UCSF
Society for Developmental Biology
Genetics Society of America
International Society for Stem Cell Research
American Association for Cancer Research
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology