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Research Program at UTSA

The Biotechnology Research Program at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is an integral part of the Developmental & Regenerative Sciences (DRS) PhD program within the College of Sciences. We’re on a mission to foster scientific discovery and innovation in the realm of biotechnology.

What is Biotechnology Research?

Our Biotechnology Research Program immerses students in the thrilling world of biotechnology, the science that applies biological processes to develop new technologies and products. With a broad coverage ranging from molecular biology and genetics to bioengineering and bioinformatics, our curriculum prepares students to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.

Innovative Studies

UTSA is a hub of innovative biotechnology research. Under the guidance of our expert faculty, and with the involvement of Adjoint faculty from local biotechnology companies, students engage in groundbreaking research projects, employing cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Our focus areas include synthetic biology, drug discovery and development, bioinformatics, product development and many more, driving the frontiers of knowledge in biotechnology.

Advanced Laboratories

Our Biotechnology Research Program is complemented by modern laboratories and research facilities at UTSA and at local biotechnology companies equipped with advanced biotechnology tools and instruments. Stimulated by a synergistic academic and professional biotechnology environment, these resources catalyze transformative learning experiences and pioneering discoveries in biotechnology research.

Get Your Doctorate with UTSA

Graduates from our DRS program are well-positioned for a wide array of careers. From academia and biotechnology companies to governmental agencies and research institutions, our alumni are making a significant impact within the biotech sector. At UTSA, we nurture scholars who are poised to lead and shape the future of biotechnology.

Kickstart your career in biotechnology with UTSA’s DRS PhD program. Apply today and become a part of our mission to advance the field of biotechnology.

Labs in which Biotechnology research is ongoing include those of the following PIs:
Research centers, cores, installations, or companies facilitating research in Biotechnology include the following: