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Military Health
Research Program At UTSA

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) military health research is a specialized pathway in our esteemed Developmental & Regenerative Sciences (DRS) PhD program. Housed in the College of Sciences, our program is dedicated to advancing the health and wellbeing of military personnel and their families through innovative research.

Understanding Military Health Research

Our Military Health Research Program provides students with a robust understanding of the unique health challenges faced by military personnel. The program’s comprehensive curriculum covers various facets of military health, including mental health, physical rehabilitation, combat-related injuries, and the long-term health effects of service.

Pioneering Research Opportunities

At UTSA, we are deeply committed to improving the health outcomes of military personnel. Under the mentorship of our faculty, and with the involvement of Adjoint faculty from the US Army Instiute of Surgical Research, students engage in cutting-edge research projects addressing key issues in military health. These include traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, prosthetics development, regenerative approaches to wound healing and more, utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies to drive forward improvements in military healthcare.

Career Outlook

Graduates from our program find themselves well-equipped for a wide range of careers. Our alumni have progressed to roles within the military healthcare sector, governmental agencies, academia, research institutions, and non-profit organizations. At UTSA, we don’t just educate our students; we prepare them to make a real-world impact.

Join the Future with UTSA Today

Embarking on a military health research journey at UTSA means joining a community dedicated to enhancing the health and quality of life of our military personnel. We invite you to be part of this noble mission and contribute to advancements in military health research.

Launch your journey into the dynamic field of military health research with UTSA’s DRS PhD program. Apply today and make a difference in the lives of those who serve.