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Genomics Research Program at UTSA

Learn more about research in genomics and epigenomics at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA), a cornerstone of our esteemed Developmental & Regenerative Sciences (DRS) PhD program. Situated within the prestigious College of Sciences, our program embarks on a mission to decode the complex language of genes and the way they are regulated to contribute to the genomic revolution.

Understanding the Landscape of Genomics

Our Genomics Research Program is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of genomics and epigenomics—the study of the complete set of genes within an organism and their functions. Covering a wide spectrum—from cells to animals to humans—our curriculum prepares students to unravel the mysteries of genetic and epigenetic codes and contribute significantly to this rapidly evolving field.

Innovative Research Opportunities

UTSA stands at the forefront of research in genomics and epigenomics, dedicated to pioneering innovative studies. Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, students are encouraged to partake in cutting-edge research projects, employing state-of-the-art technologies. Our research interests span various domains including genetic diseases, comparative genomics, genome evolution, functional genomics, epigenetic regulation of gene function, and interactions among the environment, epigenome and genome.

Top-Notch Research Facilities

To support our ambitious research goals, the Genomics Research Program offers access to top-tier research facilities, equipped with advanced genomics and epigenomics technologies. These resources, together with a stimulating academic environment, facilitate breakthrough discoveries and innovative learning experiences in genomics research.

Continue Your Education with UTSA

Embarking on a journey with UTSA’s Genomics Research Program means joining a community of passionate researchers dedicated to advancing the fields of genomics and epigenomics. We welcome you to be part of this thrilling venture, where each discovery paves the way for a healthier future.

Take the first step toward shaping the future of genomics. Apply to UTSA’s DRS PhD program today and contribute to the exciting field of genomics research.